2005 Inspector Lynley Mysteries

Richard Armitage in Divine Proportions, Inspector Lynley Mysteries 2005In: Divine Proportions  2005

Richard Armitage:

Philip Turner

The first episode leads us to Suffolk where a young woman has been shot. Samantha Walthew and her husband James just recently bought an estate from a bankrupt landowner called Philip Turner. The victim had plans to transform the mansion to first class hotel and restaurant. As Lynley and Havers start to investigate they soon find out that Samatha was a local girl who’d left that place years ago. Now she came back to change things in her old village. Not all locals seem to be pleased by that plan. Lynley’s trying to save his own slightly rocky marriage and he is in doubt about Havers’ mental stability after her assault. She’s alright physically, but actually still seems to fight her inner demons and initially she not succeeding in that effort. Even more frustrating, the duo receives mysterious hints like photographs of Samantha arguing with Philip Turner or a word written on a wall in the victim’s estate: “MOKITA”. As they will find out, the word is a synonym for something that everybody know but no one speak of. But what was it that no one dares to speak of?¬† continue

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